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What Is An Angel Investor & How To Get One For Your Startup

Suppose you have an idea that you think could change the world, and bring you and your partners a lot of money at the same time. So you start a company based around that idea and develop your product further. But after some time you realize that as much as the company is yours and you are willing to work on it till the world’s end, you alone don’t have the resources to give a proper physical form to your idea. So instead of feeling dejected and giving up, you bring in a person who has the resources to bail you out of your fix. This person is called an Angel Investor.

How To Invest In the South African Stock Market During The Pandemic

Investing your hard-earned money is a risk that is scary in normal life, but much more so in a global onset of a killer disease. The Coronavirus has impacted businesses and companies both huge and tiny alike. A lot of people have lost their jobs and large corporations are undergoing downsizing. So where do you stand in such a volatile market, a person looking to invest their savings, hoping to get a decent return?

How to invest in the stock market | South Africa

I’m Jerry Mononela from South Africa. I have 15 years of experience in the stock market. I’m sharing with you the best tips for “How to invest in the stock market”. I’m revealing my best six tips which help you to understand the stock market investment strategy. Investing in stocks is an excellent way for wealthy growth. Investment secures the present and future long term finance. Investment means making your money work for you. A stock or you can say equity is a security that speaks to the ownership of a particular portion of a Corporations. This entitles the proprietor of the stock to the extent of the company's benefits and benefits equivalent to how much stock they more

How The South African Stock Market Crash Can Affect You

The South African stock market was already in shambles before the spread of the Coronavirus, but due to the president declaring a nationwide lockdown to curb COVID-19 cases in the country, the stock market in our country suffered an expected but still terrible blow. The South African All-Share index JSE/FTSE was having difficulty rising in the market since 1997 and slowed down tremendously in 2008 because of the global financial crisis, but it fell a whopping 11% in Johannesburg, the steepest fall recorded in the last decade

What is Stock Market?

What are shares? A share is simply what it’s name suggests - you share in the ownership of a company. It represents a claim on the company’s assets and earnings. It is sometimes called stock, equity or shares but they all mean the same thing. Holding a company’s shares means that you are one of the many owners (shareholders) of a company and have claim to everything it owns. This claim is usually very small but you are entitled to your portion and hold your voting more